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    paint stripping.
    innovative. sustainable.

    Being market leader is not only a matter of size. We advise and live efficiency.

    Your advantages with ABL-TECHNIC
    Efficient & environmentally sound processes
    High quality
    High quality at all locations
    Continuously improved processes
    Operating on 20 sites in 10 countries

    Our Mission

    Paint stripping. Disposal. Full-System-Supplier.

    Global comprehensive service portfolio

    We offer a comprehensive service portfolio worldwide, ranging from paint stripping management to disposal. As the market leader in paint stripping, we rely on the latest technologies, diverse stripping methods and optimized processes.

    Overview of our services

    Paint stripping management - market leader

    At ABL-TECHNIC Group, paint stripping management means that you receive all necessary stripping services globally, quickly, flexibly and in the highest quality. We offer comprehensive services and processes.

    About the company

    Quality standards as a full system supplier

    The ABL-TECHNIC Group sees itself as a full system supplier. With over 45 years of experience in the decoating industry, we now offer our customers complete end-to-end service. From decoating, to repair, to logistics - ABL-TECHNIC Group takes care of you.

    About our strategy

    Get to know our company

    Discover the diversity of the ABL-TECHNIC Group

    We are the solution for your needs!

    Continuously bigger, more environmentally friendly and faster

    We live innovation.

    We at ABL-TECHNIC Group are committed to the continuous development of our technologies and working methods. This active change makes us more environmentally friendly, faster and bigger every single day. 

    Trust the market leader in paint stripping management. We are pioneers with numerous technologies developed in our company. We also think about tomorrow! The environmentally conscious use of our resources is a top priority at the ABL-TECHNIC Group. We work hard every day to minimize our ecological footprint. As a full system supplier, we ensure that no journey is in vain and that all work is carried out from one source.

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    Our strength

    Our expertise

    We are a global pioneer in paint stripping management and disposal.Our comprehensive service portfolio makes us your most attractive choice.


    Consistently high quality at all locations


    We put more than 40 years of experience to work for you


    We are a certified specialist disposal company


    Fast and reliable as a full system supplier