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    The ABL-TECHNIC Group


    The world's largest paint stripper

    The ABL-TECHNIC group is the world's largest paint stripping company. At 21 locations in 10 countries, we offer paint stripping processes of the highest standard,always with the goal of providing the very best process for you, while also focusing on environmental compatibility. Over 600 employees around the globe have been working on this for over 40 years.

    Paint stripping management and full system supplier

    The Company

    As a certified company we work according to the following quality standards: DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 50001, and the ABL-TECHNIC Group is also a certified waste management company thanks to its own sustainable processes. Our main service is chemical and thermal paint stripping for our automotive customers such as car makers and suppliers, rim manufacturers, other industrial clients as well as the chemical industry.

    Our portfolio ranges from the cleaning of screws to shell and tube heat exchangers weighing up to 30 tons and 8.5 m in length. In addition, we offer repair and straightening work, rubber removal, degreasing, disposal and logistics services

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    We operate sustainably and protect resources

    Environmental Management

    ABL-TECHNIC removes paint from coated workpieces worldwide. We are committed to treating the environment in a particularly responsible way and to operate sustainably. We always comply with German and international environmental regulations.

    We also have an environmental management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and are actively developing new, environmentally friendly processes.

    Heat recovery

    To ensure sustainable use of energy, ABL-TECHNIC Group has provided pyrolysis furnaces in thermal plants worldwide with an effective process for heat recovery. Here, the approx. 800°C hot exhaust from the thermal after-burning is used in a heat exchanger to heat the heating circuit water.

    In this way, for example, we heat the process baths in our chemical plants without additional energy consumption. In addition to the significant reduction in gas and electricity consumption, pollutant emissions are also reduced and costs saved.

    Wastewater treatment

    The goal of wastewater treatment is to restore the natural water quality. Clean water is one of the most important resources on our planet. That is why we take responsibility for the treatment of our own waste water and use different methods in our plants.

    Chemical and physical treatment

    Here, the waste water is collected in tanks and chemically neutralized in order to extract pollutants via further filter processes. This creates pure water quality and the water can be returned to the natural water cycle.

    Evaporation plants for waste water

    In this process we separate the pollutants from the water by condensation and return it to the production cycle. As a result, only one tenth of the fresh water previously consumed is required and the volume of waste water is reduced by 90%. The concentrate resulting from the evaporation process is disposed by certified specialized companies.

    Waste water evaporation in pyrolysis furnaces

    Through a modification process we use the spray coolers of our thermal plants for the evaporation of waste water. The clean water vapour is passed into deaeration plants. The remaining solids are again disposed by certified companies.

    Paint stripping media

    The disposal of paint stripping media is planned at ABL-TECHNIC even before they are used. In principle, we minimise the use of chemicals that are difficult to break down and replace them with environmentally friendly paint stripping media wherever possible.

    Only in this way can we meet a uniform standard for environmentally friendly disposal worldwide. Examples of disposal at our company are the disposal of organic solvents and disposal with inorganic media (acids). These are neutralized in a downstream process and fed to certified landfills in a pH-neutral manner without leaving any residues.

    Organic solvents are used for soft paint stripping. Because of the continuous application of paint, the solvent loses its effect and must be replaced regularly. The soiled solvent can be disposed or reprocessed in various ways.

    Disposal of organic solvents

    Organic solvents are used for soft paint stripping. The solvent loses its effect through the continuous application of paint and must be replaced regularly. The soiled solvent can be disposed or reprocessed in various ways.

    • Distillation: Many of our own remedies can be recovered and reused up to 60% by distillation. The concentrate produced by distillation (paint sludge with solvent) is used as a substitute fuel for power plants due to its high calorific valu.
    • Substitute fuels: Solvents that cannot be distilled due to their high boiling point are supplied to power plants as substitute fuel. This conserves valuable energy resources.

    The ABL-TECHNIC Group is the market leader in industrial paint stripping. We manage the company according to clear key numbers (KPI's) and in close coordination with the shareholders. Our goal is to achieve annual increases in sales and earnings. We achieve this both organically and through acquisitions. We have a diversified range of customers, which gives us the necessary stability over various economic phases.

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