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    Thermal paint stripping

    Thermal paint stripping by pyrolysis furnaces

    Thermal paint stripping

    The process of thermal paint stripping is mainly used for heavily varnished coating aids or for highly temperature-insensitive workpieces.

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    Process for thermal paint stripping

    Thermal paint stripping in pyrolysis ovens is a particularly gentle process. It is therefore ideally suited for heavily varnished coating aids and temperature-insensitive workpieces. In addition, the specially developed processes enable efficient energy recovery during the paint stripping process.

    Our thermal ovens have a length of 6.50 m to 8.50 m, with a height of about 2.45 m and a width of 2.45 m. In the chambers of our modern and partly self-developed thermal ovens we work at a temperature of maximum 430°C. The fusion is carried out under reduced oxygen content and thus prevents structural changes in the material.

    During a monitored smoldering process, the organic substances are converted into inorganic ash. This is then removed from the surface by non-abrasive blasting and chemical or mechanical processes. The parts can then be derusted and passivated. This ensures a metallically clean surface.

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