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    Cleaning of system parts

    Maintenance and cleaning of system parts

    Thermal cleaning of system parts

    Maintenance and cleaning of system parts is essential for the system to work economically and sustainably.

    We are experts in maintenance and inspection

    Professional maintenance

    A professional maintenance strategy is a key economical  factor for every company. Previously unutilized savings potentials are being tapped and contribute to long term operational efficiency.

    Maintenance is a measure to preserve and restore the original state of technical systems and facilities. It is also a measure to determine the current state of such systems. Maintenance includes regular inspection. It requires a prior functionality check of technical systems, which naturally tend to fail because of age and wear. 

    Maintenance includes measures to preserve the original state of these technical systems. Combined with regular inspections, we check the functionality and also the degree of contamination. ABL-TECHNIC as a service provider eliminates these contaminations. A majority of the systems that are being serviced and maintained by us are heat exchangers in refineries and chemical plants.

    Fields of application to remove inorganic and partially organic contaminations, and also residue on metallic surfaces: 

    • Polymer- Chemical, Rubber
    • Elastomer - Chemical Plasticd Industry (Manufacturers and Users) 
    • Cracking-Systems, Pulp Industry
    • Oil refineries, Steel plants, Aluminum refineries
    • Power Plants
    • Animal feed production, Food Industry, Textile Industry
    • Wood processing, Clay - , Glass - and Cement Industry, Sugar Cane industry
    • Palm oil production, Sludge treatment plants etc.

    Thermal Decoating/Cleaning Processes:

    • Pyrolysis Process through Program controlled Temperature
    • Measurements up to 8,0 x 3,0 x 2,5 m ( L X W X H ) 
    • Total weight up to 40 t 

    After Treatments:

    • High-pressure steam/High-pressure water up to 1.400 bar (ex. up to 2000 bar) 
    • Rinsing through Lanzentechniken 
    • Quality assurance through Endoscopy 
    • Staining Procedure/various blasting procedures


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